The Future of Non-Invasive Ventilation

The Clarivent Bubble Helmet is an alternate interface to provide non-invasive ventilation and CPAP which prioritizes comfort and patient tolerance. 

The Problem

Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) is commonly used to manage patients with respiratory failure, but the facemasks used for this procedure have intolerance rates ranging from 30-70% leading to early intubation. This leads to increased ICU stays (from ~3 days to ~8 days) and avoidable mortalities.

Our Solution: The Bubble Helmet

The Bubble Helmet is designed for both non-invasive ventilation (NIV) and CPAP therapy, providing an alternative to traditional masks. This non-powered ventilation device encloses a patient’s head to contain oxygen delivered to the patient for breathing. Optimized for comfort and safety, the Bubble Helmet is the first flexible, single-material helmet in the world. The Bubble Helmet design solves many issues experienced with endotracheal intubation and face mask use, and improves NIV outcomes, leading to reduced ventilation time and decreased duration in the ICU.

The Impact of NIV intolerance

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Pressure Sores

Rates of pressure injuries from NIV masks have been reported to be as high as 30% in adult patients.

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Increase in Average ICU Stays​

Early intubation, Face mask induced pressure sores, and inability to pronate all contribute to increased hospital stays

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Report Discomfort

NIV is still burdened with a high failure rate (up to 40%) today, due, in most cases, to patient discomfort or rejection

The Clarivent Medical Difference

Reduce Viral and Aerosol Dispersion

Helmet Based Ventilation reduces the spread of airborne illnesses, bacteria, and viruses with reduced air leaks compared to traditional face masks. 

Reduce Intubation

A Univerisy of Chicago study showed that only 18.2 percent of those wearing a helmet required an endotracheal tube, versus 61.5 percent of those wearing a face mask. Furthermore, the helmet group had, on average, more ventilator-free days (28 vs. 12.5).

Eliminate Facial Contact

A comfortable patient experience significantly impacts the rate of healing. Our Bubble Helmet’s design allows patients to pronate and supinate, eliminates facial pressure sores, decreased claustrophobia, and eliminates aspiration risk due to having no facial contact.


Vionarica Canning, MD
Chief Operating Officer
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Arpan Grover
Chief Executive Officer

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