Product Specifications

The Bubble Helmet

The Bubble Helmet is designed for both non-invasive ventilation (NIV) and CPAP therapy, providing an alternative to traditional masks. This non-powered ventilation device encloses a patient’s head to contain oxygen delivered to the patient for breathing. Optimized for comfort and safety, the Bubble Helmet is the first flexible, single material helmet in the world. The Bubble Helmet design solves many issues experienced with endotracheal intubation and face mask use, and improves NIV outcomes, leading to reduced ventilation time and decreasing duration in the ICU. 


1 – Transparent Hood

Increases patient comfort allowing them to speak, listen, and interact with phones or other devices.

2 – Ports

Convenient screw-on design to connect with oxygen supply. Expiratory port can be fitted with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter and positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) valve.

3 – Flexible Neck Ring 

Creates an airtight seal preventing leakage and increasing comfort.

4 – Shoulder Straps 

Adjustable straps and quick release buckle hold the helmet in place.

exploded view

Alternative Breathing Support

The Bubble Helmet can be used for patients with facial deformities or burn victims who can not use normal masks

Hyperbaric Chamber

The Bubble Helmet can be used in the Hyperbaric chamber to treat divers with decompression sickness



Hospital Transfer

The Bubble Helmet can be used while transport patients from rural to major hospitals

Sleep Apnea

The Bubble Helmet can provide sleep apnea patients with a comfortable method of breathing

Face Mask Helmet Endotracheal Tube

Air Filtration

Low - Excessive air leak

High - Minimal air leak

High - Minimal air leak

Exposure to Pathogens




Hospital Mortality





Frequent breaks, facial skin ulcers, claustrophobia

Minimal breaks, No face deformations, comfortable

Sedation required, Facial/oral ulcers

Pressure Therapy

Low - High PEEP
Low - High PEEP

Avg. ICU Stay

7.8 days

4.7 days

14 days



$20,000 - $50,000